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Brew Crew Profile – Dan Grant


*What is the Brew Crew? The Brew Crew is a team of 25 very enthusiastic runners from RunTOBeer club. On run day the sole job of the Brew Crew is to amp up the fun at the Famous Canadian Beer Run! They’ll be out in costumes on the course, cheering you on and celebrating with you at the finish line. Trust us, you won’t be able to miss them!

Profile of Dan Grant

How long have you been a member of RunTOBeer?

Since Day 1 (RunTOBeer was my idea, after all)!  What started as two strangers meeting to run to a brewpub grew into our weekly series of brewery-sponsored events throughout the GTA and beyond. I’ve done more than 100 scheduled beer runs since then.

Is this your first or second time doing the Famous Canadian Beer Run?

2nd time!  Nearly of all the Brew Crew is returning from last year.  The others are either in serious training for the Chicago Marathon a few weeks later or have moved away from Toronto in the past twelve months (but even a couple of them are coming back for this)

What are you most looking forward to on event day?

Recruiting new RunTOBeer members. Despite having more than 3,200, we still haven’t managed to drink all the beer. 🙁



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