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2016 Costume Contest Winner Announced!


Selecting the winner of our 2016 costume contest was no easy feat! Having poured over hundreds of race photos, we realized that choosing a winner among all of the amazing outfits we saw on run day was going to present some challenges. Namely – how can you possibly choose between (for example) someone dressed as a beer keg, versus the many, many dirndls and lederhosen we saw on course? Not to mention the clever “saison”, eighties hair band runner and even a couple of SoCIAL Lite Vodka cans!

But alas, a decision had to be made and after much deliberation (over some of our favourite brews) one costume came out on top! Congratulations to the Famous Canadian Beer Run’s first (and only) gorilla runner! This guy got bonus points for running in a head-to-toe gorilla costume on one of the season’s most humid days…we were impressed!

It goes without saying that congratulations are in order to everyone who dressed up and added an element of enjoyment for the other runners on course. We can’t wait to see who comes out next year!

Gorilla, get ready for an awesome prize pack filled with beer from all of our sponsors coming your way!



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